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Our 5 Favorite Exercises to Get You Summer Body Ready!

Gone are the days were a summer body means you need to be extra skinny. We like curves, we like muscle, we like tone and we know the 5 best exercises to get you there!

Exercise doesn’t have to be hard, long and just overall off-putting. It can be fun and short but still as effective. Getting summer body ready doesn’t mean you have to lose a load of weight, it’s about feeling good and confident in yourself and of course, feeling fierce!

I’ve put together our 5 favourite exercises we at Fierce Fit think can get you summer body ready.

Lunge & Squat

lunge and squatLunge and squatIn this exercise, you are going to alternate from lunge to squat. So you will start with a lunge lowering your right leg, straighten up and then into a squat, then back down into a lunge this time lowering your left leg.

This exercise is a great way to really get those glute muscles fired up whilst also working on your core control and stability.

Medicine ball sit ups

Fierce Fit patient using exercise ball to aid in exerciseMedicine ball sit-ups are a great way of strengthening and toning your belly muscles. Unlike your standard sit-up, you will be holding a weighted medicine ball above your head, increasing the usage of your core muscles and working those arms a little too! Simple yet effective.

Russian Twists

Fierce Fit patient using an exercise ball for ab exercisesOne of my favourite exercises! Again, this is very good at improving your core strength and toning those abs. They can be performed with feet planted on the floor whilst rotating from left to right holding a medicine ball. You can increase the intensity by taking your feet off the floor into table top position. They are also good for improving range of movement in your back and increasing strength of your arms. Remember, you need to lean back slightly when performing this exercise in order to fully engage your core muscles!

Reach and touch plank

Fierce Fit patients doing a pressups and smiling


If you are trying to reach your summer body goals with the help of a friend then the reach and touch plank is a great way to do this. As in an ordinary plank, get yourself into the plank position (if you find this difficult, try placing your knees on the floor to make it a bit easier!). You will then reach out and touch your friend’s hand or shoulder. Alternate your hands each time for a good core strengthening and arm toning workout!

Triceps Dips

IMG_9751Triceps dips are an effective yet really easy exercise that can be used to tone your arms. All you need to do is find yourself a bench a bed or even a wall, stand with your feet away from where you are holding and slowly lower and higher yourself. You can hold the lowered position for a few seconds too if you want to make the workout a little harder!

So there you have it, our top 5 exercises to get you summer body ready. Remember, do what makes you feel happy, healthy and fierce!


author: Zoe Killian

I graduated in 2015 from the Michael John Academy with a C&G NVQ Diploma in Spa Therapy Level 3 and went on to complete my level 3 diploma in sports massage and level 2 in health and nutrition.


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