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Personal Training: Everything a Mum to Be Needs to Know

It is an exciting time in your life finding out you are pregnant! You are going to have a little one growing inside of you so you are likely to experience a few changes. We are asked the questions ‘is it safe to exercise if I’m pregnant?’ or ‘how much is too much exercise?’ very […]

Top Exercises to Prevent Hunched Postures

Do you have a desk based job? Do you find yourself hunched over at your desk daily? If you answered yes to any of the questions above you may be interested in this blog! Desk based jobs are renowned for prompting poor posture in the neck and shoulders especially when your desk station doesn’t have […]

Top 5 Leg Exercises

Welcome to my blog about my 5 top leg exercises! Leg exercises can be used to achieve a number of training goals from increasing muscle mass and athletic performance to losing unwanted body fat! Leg exercises include the activation on a variety of muscle groups starting from the hips down to to the toes. This […]

Reach for Your Goal

“Reach for the stars” is a S club 7 song we all know too well! But maybe there are some wise words in this song…. When starting a training programme it is important to set goals to keep you focused and motivated. Reaching a goal is truly something to celebrate and feel good about! When […]

Why Should I Eat After a Workout? All About That Post Workout Nutrition!

Post workout nutrition is very important. A lot of people think that eating after a workout means that you’re just putting back on what you have only just lost – Nope, this is wrong. Of course, if you do a workout and start eating tons of crisps and chocolate afterwards, it’s not going to have the […]

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