• Exercise makes you happy

    There are many people suffering from various mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and stress. This is not something they can control. This is not something they have willingly chosen to have. This is not their fault. It can be hard nowadays to find ways of improving your mental state and...
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  • Protein: Men only?

    So when you go to the gym, you often see a load of men adding protein into their drinks before/after a workout. You rarely see women doing the same thing. I think a big misconception about protein is that it is going to make you big and bulky so maybe this is why a lot of women choose not to have mu...
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  • Hydration is key

    Staying hydrated it so important, especially when you are exercising regularly. Water is essential for every single one of your bodily functions. Without it, your body won’t be able to perform at its highest level. So what is your water actually used for? Well, considering your body is made up of ab...
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  • Feeling good after a workout

    We all want to feel fit and fabulous! One way to do that is to take part in regular physical activity! Taking part in regular physical activity can be beneficial both socially, psychologically and physiologically. However,  sometimes strenuous activity can lead to delayed onset of muscle soreness al...
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  • Foam roller vs Sports massage

    There are multiple methods for reducing muscular tension, the most popular being foam roller and sports massage treatments. But which one is better? The foam roller is a piece of equipment in the shape of a log and is used to perform self-massage and myofascial release using one’s own body wei...
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  • Exercise and Immunity

    What would you do if I told you I knew how to reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes and colon cancer by up to 50%. What would you say if I could reduce your risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, breast cancer and osteoarthritis? The answer to unlocking all the above health benefits is EXERCISE. Exer...
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  • Rise and shine – Morning Smoothie Recipe

    Start off the day with a bang with our teams favourite smoothie! Ingredients: 2 cups of Spinach 1 teaspoon of Spirulina 400 ml Coconut water 1x Banana ½ Apple 1x Kiwi ½ Mango Method: Cut the fruit up into medium pieces and deseed the apple. Place all ingredients into a food processor until you gain...
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  • Myth Buster: Eat less and exercise more?

    Calories: More or less with exercise? The amount of calories we consume seems to be a very popular thing to think about nowadays. But what is the correct amount of calories you should consume if you are exercising? Well, it obviously depends on your goal whether this is to increase muscle, lose weig...
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