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Recipe: A Healthy Evening Meal

By: Steffie Handley

It’s the end of the day… you’ve been working for 8/9 hours straight… you’ve just arrived at home after having an intense workout… and now it’s time to eat! I know, it’s easy to say ‘today I’m treating myself’ when you’ve had a long, tiring day. It’s even easier to try and make the fastest meal possible, usually a microwave meal, a pizza or nothing at all.

But, do you really want to waste all your hard work and healthy eating of that week for the sake of 20/30 minutes of cooking?

It’s important that you maintain a balanced and healthy diet. This doesn’t mean that you have to eat salad for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, every day. Everyone loves a good piece of cake every now and again- it’s controlling this craving of sugar and ensuring you limit the amount of sugary or unhealthy foods you eat every week that counts.


So what evening meals are best for me to eat?

There is no one meal that is going to be the ‘best’ for you. It’s about finding what you enjoy to eat and what works for you. If you start eating all the foods everyone says you’re ‘supposed’ to, but don’t enjoy any single piece of it (for me it’s kale- I’s super healthy but I can’t stand the taste of it!), then this is what will cause you to lean more towards the unhealthy side. You need to enjoy your meals so that it never gets boring.

It’s super important for your evening meals to fill you up. I mean, who would ever want to go to bed with a tummy making noises equivalent to those of whale-calling? No one, as far as I’m concerned. For this reason, I feel it’s essential to always have a side to pair your main meal with. Besides, salads never really worked as a whole meal. If you want veg in your meal, always try to have it as a side dish.

My own personal favourite

This section is all about my own personal favourite evening meal… Exciting, I know! Apart from being super healthy and easy to make, I find that this dish really fills me up! So, here we go…


turkey meatball pasta
Turkey Meatballs with Whole Meal Spaghetti in a Tomato Sauce.

Why is this healthy? Well, for starters, you’ve swapped beef and normal spaghetti for the healthier but just as tasty alternatives of turkey and whole meal spaghetti! To make this dish even healthier you can also add  peppers, celery, broccoli or whatever other veg you fancy.  Mixing-up your food will make the cooking process less boring and much more tastier!

So, the ingredients you will need for this recipe are:


  • 1 Onion
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 2 tbsp parsley
  • 500g Tomato Passata
  • Reduced salt chicken stock


  • 400g Lean turkey mince
  • Bread crumbs – or porridge oats if you want to be super healthy
  • 1 clove of garlic

This is a very basic meatball and spaghetti recipe. Like I mentioned above, you can always mix things up to match your own personal food preferences! Apart from different veg, you can also add different herbs and spices for that extra low-calorie kick! It is really up to you!

So, there you have it ladies!

That’s one tasty, healthy and nutritious evening meal that’s (1) super cheap and (2) very easy to make!

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Until next time,

Stay fierce ladies!

Steffie Handley

Steffie Handley

I graduated from University of central Lancashire with a social worker based degree, (Care, Community and Citizenship). I knew I wanted to help people but was unsure of which path to take, I found myself lost, I finished university and still not a clue what to do. During my time at university I no longer found time for physical activity, my love for food grew and my weight slowly crept up. I knew something had to change as I felt friends were moving on around me and I was stationary. This was the kickstart I needed to go on my fitness journey which has seen me shed over eight stone in weight, complete my first marathon in Geneva raising money for UNICEF, qualify as an Advanced Personal Trainer and Nutritional Advisor.

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