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Our Goals

Fierce Fit goals are an effective and motivational component of your training programme. Our trainers will personalise your training programme to suit all your needs and enable you to achieve your fitness and personal goals.

Effective goal setting is an important aspect of any fitness programme to ensure compliance and progression. Our trainers will help create your Fierce Fit goals during your initial consultation.

  • Fierce Bride

    Are you wanting to look healthy and radiant on your wedding day? Our Fierce Fit trainers can help transform and invigorate you using a effective training programme to ensure you are the most confident version on yourself on your big day.

  • Fierce Mum

    Calling all Fierce Mums! Our Fierce Fit trainers know that although being a mum is one of the best feelings in the world, it comes with stress and feeling tired! Our Fierce Fit trainers can personalise a exercise programme to suit your needs to ensure you can maintain and improve your level of fitness throughout your journey into motherhood.

  • Fierce Confidence

    Want to feel more confident in yourself? Fierce Fit confidence goal setting ensures your exercise programme focuses on building your confidence, self esteem and resilience to stress. Our Fierce Fit trainers are personable and passionate about ensuring you reach your personal and physical training goals.

  • Fierce Beginners

    Want to start exercising more but don't know where to start? Fierce Fit is the place for you! Our Fierce Fit personal trainers are passionate about exercise and enjoy sharing knowledge and skills with new Fierce Fit beginners. Your Fierce Fit training programme will be adapted to suit your needs and goals and can include a range of different exercises such as cardio, strength, flexibility and balance.

  • Fierce Weight Loss

    Thinking about losing some weight? Our fierce fit trainers can help you through your weight loss journey using a safe and effective programme of exercise and diet. Weight loss programmes include a variety of exercises which can specifically target fat reduction.

  • Fierce Strength

    Building physical strength is a significant training goal that can empower you with improved self-confidence, sporting performance, functional capacity and reduced risk of injury! Our Fierce fit trainers are passionate about strength training and can include a variety of strength training exercises into your routine.

  • Fierce Privacy

    Don't like exercising in a crowded room? Fierce Fit provide female only exercise spaces and value privacy, confidentiality and retaining dignity. At Fierce Fit you can exercise one to one with your personal trainer or within a female only exercise class.

  • Fierce Sport

    Training for a sporting event? Want a training programme that can help maximise your performance? Fierce sport training programmes will be personalised to your sport and ability to ensure your training programme challenges you to promote improved strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance.

What to expect

  • Achieve your Fierce goals with us
  • Tailored and achievable programmes
  • Help and guidance on nutrition
  • Highly knowledges female trainers
  • Private facility with a female only environment


We are a bespoke female only personal training service who are committed to establishing and achieving your personal goals. We offer a range of packages that can be best suited to you. With us, you can be Fierce and achieve anything!


Book your free PT Consultation today with Fierce Fit and start your journey to becoming fit.

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