We provide a female-focused massage therapy service in the heart of Manchester.

We believe in keeping your body in the best possible condition during your time training with us. Therefore, we provide all our clients with access to massage therapy services.

Massage is used for general relaxation of the muscular skeletal system as well as being directed towards any problem areas. Massage helps relieve muscular tension, break down adhesions, mobilise soft tissues and reduce pain.

Massage should play an important factor in the routine of anybody participating in regular exercise. Massage as a treatment can target a number of physiological issues commonly experienced by active individuals. Physiological issues experienced may include delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS), pain, tight muscles and poor flexibility. If an individual does not prepare and manage their muscles effectively during an exercise programme, performance can be inhibited.

Massage is used by many individuals to maintain muscular flexibility, elasticity, range of movement and performance while reducing their risk of injury. Receiving a massage alongside a personal training programme can include techniques such as effleurage, petrissage, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage and trigger point therapy.

The aim of massage when applied during a training programme is to improve or maintain muscular flexibility, elasticity and performance.

When massage is received regularly it can maintain the health of working muscles by increasing blood circulation carrying oxygen and nutrients to the tissues.

Regular massage treatment can improve sporting performance, reduce the risk of injury and improve the overall health of muscles.

The Fierce Fit massage team will work hard to ensure all Fierce Fit women stay relaxed and in peak condition throughout their training. To arrange an appointment with our massage therapists, speak to one of your trainers or our friendly receptionists.


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