We provide a female-focused Pilates service in the heart of Manchester.

Pilates is all about making your movement as efficient as possible through control, precision, breathing and body awareness through a series of mat exercises. Pilates exercises are designed to strengthen the body’s smaller stability muscles together with the larger mobility muscles to maximise overall strength, posture and performance.

We believe in the potential of all of our Fierce Fit women, and ensure a structured programme is put in place to ensure they reach their goals. Therefore, we provide all of our clients with access to the highest standard one-to-one Pilates teaching from our APPI qualified instructors, who are also physiotherapists specially trained in movement analysis and correcting muscle imbalance.

Pilates in conjunction with personal training, plus the option of physiotherapy and massage if you need, will be sure to accelerate your progress – fast and fierce.

To arrange an initial one-one appointment speaks to your trainer or one of our receptionists today.


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