5 Reasons to Participate in Group Fitness Classes

By: Louise Rigby

What is a group fitness class?

A fitness class is an exercise session led by one trainer. They are fun and more involved than a lonesome gym workout, and here at Fierce Fit we want you to leave each workout feeling proud of yourself and aching to a satisfactory level. We offer classes such as Fierce Squad, Fierce Body and Fierce Intensity, each workout similarly rewarding.img_94495 Reasons to Participate:

1. Group workouts are less time consuming and would feel easier to attend in comparison to trailing to the gym rather unwillingly and unsure of how you’re going to get through an hour’s exercise. It’s not uncommon to know or hear people talk about exercise classes they attend, proving how easily they can be slotted into any kind of lifestyle.

Sessions typically last between 30-45 minutes but are to be powered through with high energy, leaving you sweaty and sprightly.

2. Everyone in your class will most likely be at a similar fitness level as groups will be organised dependant on ability, therefore making it easier to work together and feel included. Not to mention the actual workout to will be well suited to you, and the advancement of higher-level classes would act as motivation.

3. A lot of people will no doubt avoid the gym due to how boring they find it. Sometimes gathering the motivation just to travel there seems like a fairly intense task on it’s own. When you’re there, it’s not always better. Sure you can listen to music, but if you find yourself uninspired after the first ten minutes, maybe that’s proof it’s time for a change of scenery. Grey machinery, wiry carpets and smelly mats can be quite a dampener on inspiration.img_9924Having a short workout session booked in your calendar would be harder to skip, and having weekly classes to attend would create a routine and structure a lot of people need in their exercise habits.

There’s also the fact that you will get to know others in your group and offer each other motivation. Classes bring people together who all have their own personal goal, but in the big picture, everyone is working towards a similar objective.

4. There is such a huge variety of interesting classes on offer, it’s all about finding one you would enjoy. Choices range from Zumba, to step aerobics, to any style of dancing you can imagine. Maybe something you’ve never contemplated trying before, something you’ve never even heard of before. Here in Fierce Fit, we offer classes such as Fierce Body where all exercises are done using your own body weight or classes such as Fierce Squad where you can bring your ‘partner in crime’ and work together as well as motivate each other.group of women doing bodyweight squats5. The inclusiveness of it all.

Don’t understand a move? Keep practising or ask one of our friendly trainers.

Slip up? Everyone is too focused on what they’re doing to notice in our classes.

You don’t need to feel self-conscious in a class, you are all one big group and you’re all moving together.

Group workouts are personally my favourite way to stay in shape and have fun with others at the same time.

A judgement doesn’t exist when you’re fiercely exerting energy you didn’t know you had surrounded by equally determined women.Brightened

055If you are interested in trying one of our Fierce classes, book yourself in here or come for a free consultation with our instructors to discuss your abilities and what classes would suit you best!     Stay fierce ladies and try something different! Don’t let your inner voice tell you that you cannot enjoy fitness because you can in Fierce Fit!

Louise Rigby

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