By: Louise Rigby

Catcalling is not a compliment

Many women may find they are apprehensive towards joining a gym, for a reason which remains very present, yet embarrassing to admit.

No woman particularly enjoys being catcalled – especially when there is an obvious lack of sincerity and it’s all out of bravado.

Comments can become personal and leave you squirming with self-consciousness.

In this generation, and particularly in the UK, plenty of people have to put up with names, whistles and shouts being fired from all places.

While it’s one of the less offensive comments I’ve heard, “cheer up darling, it might never happen” is a particular frustrating irk of mine.

Some people think catcalling is a form of admiration, a positive thing for both the receiving woman and the man, who immediately earns respect and cheers from his friends.

Of course, a woman could never object without being labelled a ‘sanctimonious fun vacuum’, the name given to anyone supporting feminist beliefs. Why of course empty, crude, and sometimes threatening jeers are a flattering delight, please do continue!


Catcalling at the gym

It’s important to remember that all women will get catcalled at some point, it’s generally a matter of place and time. I know from experience that large groups of builders down small alleyways, van drivers on main roads and gangs of teenage boys usually make me duck my head (not that I mean to create stereotypes – the unfortunate reality is that these groups are often the type to egg each other on.)

However, while catcalling can be expected from your stereotypical builder ‘lad’, I find it distinctly unnecessary in the gym. People are there for their own benefit, which makes these comments particularly harmful.

Exercising is personal, and unique, and to have your gym experience ruined by becoming cautious of how you go about it will never allow you to reach your full fitness potential.

There have been many reported cases of catcalling and sexist attitudes in the gym before, leading many people to believe that the comfort of men is valued more than the comfort of women.

In an ideal world, the gym would be a place completely free of judgement. Everyone would simply mind their own business, the sound of muffled music leaking from headphones as people focus solely on the adrenaline pumping through their body.

Typically no-one goes to the gym for the purpose of socialising, and surely it’s not deemed the right place to work on your love life. I know I personally couldn’t think of a worse place to meet someone.

Be Fierce at Fierce Fit

When I go to the gym, I go to be by myself and enjoy pushing my physical ability to a new limit, such as sprinting on the treadmill for a few minutes longer than last time.

I do sweat off what little makeup I wear, I do occasionally give up and finish my session earlier than usual and I always have to lower the weight setting on certain machines after they’ve been used by a meat head gym regular, but I never expect to be judged for it.

Fierce Fit is a place which was created with your comfort in mind.

Our purpose is to help women get fit and improve themselves, without the worries of the gym.

At Fierce Fit we aim to banish feelings of self-doubt and get women of all shapes and sizes working together with motivation and hope.

We can’t rid the world of sexism by maintaining a positive attitude, but we can guarantee it won’t happen in an environment which is ran by determined females.

Next time you’re at the gym and feel eyes on you as you’re pumping iron, wiping the sweat from your brow, remember that there is always a place for you with the girls here at Fierce Fit.


Louise Rigby

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