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The Real Truth Behind Fad Diets

The real truth about Fad Diets and why they don’t work Here at Fierce Fit, you will receive a fresh and welcoming perspective which will accommodate your lifestyle and offer diet tips which won’t be detrimental to your health. We’ll work around your existing lifestyle and help you achieve your results. Your diet, fitness regimen […]

Personal Training: Everything a Mum to Be Needs to Know

It is an exciting time in your life finding out you are pregnant! You are going to have a little one growing inside of you so you are likely to experience a few changes. We are asked the questions ‘is it safe to exercise if I’m pregnant?’ or ‘how much is too much exercise?’ very […]

A Massage? Oh Go on Then…

Personal training is a great way to achieve your fitness goals. With the help of a fully qualified trainer, there is no excuse to kick the year and yourself into shape with new routines and healthy eating habits. With all that new found energy, you’ll no doubt want to push yourself to the max to […]

Top Exercises to Prevent Hunched Postures

Do you have a desk based job? Do you find yourself hunched over at your desk daily? If you answered yes to any of the questions above you may be interested in this blog! Desk based jobs are renowned for prompting poor posture in the neck and shoulders especially when your desk station doesn’t have […]

Everything You Need to Know About Physiotherapy and Your Fitness Regime

What is physiotherapy and why is it important? Physiotherapy, to put it simply, is the practice of daily training to allow clients to gain full control over their body and improve their physical health. Methods involved are derived from in-depth scientific research, as the human body is greatly complex therefore should be researched and cared […]

Top 5 Leg Exercises

Welcome to my blog about my 5 top leg exercises! Leg exercises can be used to achieve a number of training goals from increasing muscle mass and athletic performance to losing unwanted body fat! Leg exercises include the activation on a variety of muscle groups starting from the hips down to to the toes. This […]

We All Have to Start Somewhere

“I am never going to be able to lift that” “I can’t run like her” “They are so much better than me” The above are quotes I hear all too often! Everybody has different athletic capabilities, muscle mass and body weight but that doesn’t mean you train any harder or less than one another. Everybody […]

Top 5 Exercises for Your Abs

The most desired look is the slender, toned, flat stomach. For me, it’s not just about that! Yes, it may look appealing for some and it makes some people feel good in themselves which is always great, however just because you don’t have defined abs, it doesn’t mean your figure isn’t great too. Training your […]

Pilates and Personal Training: How to Make Both Work for You

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, then I’m sure you’ve noticed the Pilates craze that’s taking place.  If you’ve already been bitten by the fitness bug, you may be wondering how to incorporate this new trend into your routine – so we’re here to help. Personal training provides an excellent […]

Reach for Your Goal

“Reach for the stars” is a S club 7 song we all know too well! But maybe there are some wise words in this song…. When starting a training programme it is important to set goals to keep you focused and motivated. Reaching a goal is truly something to celebrate and feel good about! When […]

Top 3 Healthy Desserts for Sweet Tooth Lovers

Sometimes, that sugar craving can get the better of us and what starts off as one piece of chocolate, turns into the whole bar and some ice cream to go with it. It’s annoying how all that just accidentally falls into your mouth isn’t it? How can I keep enjoying my sweet or sugar cravings […]

5 Reasons to Participate in Group Fitness Classes

What is a group fitness class? A fitness class is an exercise session led by one trainer. They are fun and more involved than a lonesome gym workout, and here at Fierce Fit, we want you to leave each workout feeling proud of yourself and aching to a satisfactory level. We offer classes such as […]

Make a ‘Fierce’ Start to Your Year!

Christmas is over for another year- Upsetting I know! But now it’s time to think about how you want to change your life this year. Okay, so we are all guilty of having a little too much to eat over the Christmas period but hey, who can resist a good home cooked roast dinner and […]

Recipe: A Healthy Evening Meal

It’s the end of the day… you’ve been working for 8/9 hours straight… you’ve just arrived at home after having an intense workout… and now it’s time to eat! I know, it’s easy to say ‘today I’m treating myself’ when you’ve had a long, tiring day. It’s even easier to try and make the fastest meal possible, […]

How to Stay Fierce Over the Festive Period

The Christmas period is often the hardest time of year to stay motivated. It makes it especially hard when you are surrounded by chocolate, sweets and cold weather! The dark, cold and wet days and nights are enough to put you off going on your weekly 30min jog but you need to remember why you […]

5 Best Sources of Protein

Diets with high protein intake are very popular in the health and fitness community today. Bodybuilders and fitness fanatics are always on the lookout for the next big protein source that will make it to the headlines. I understand that some of you may be wondering why… So, to make things a little bit clearer, it’d only make sense […]

4 Reasons That Make Personal Training Worth Every Penny

Why would hiring a personal trainer be the best decision you’ve ever made? Oh I don’t know. Maybe because a personal trainer is that superhero who swoops in and saves you from your *dietary* sins? Perhaps I’m exaggerating a little bit here, but haven’t you ever wondered what you could look and feel like as […]

Why Should I Eat After a Workout? All About That Post Workout Nutrition!

Post workout nutrition is very important. A lot of people think that eating after a workout means that you’re just putting back on what you have only just lost – Nope, this is wrong. Of course, if you do a workout and start eating tons of crisps and chocolate afterwards, it’s not going to have the […]

What is Everyone Saying About Ice Baths?

Ice can be used for much more than cooling your favourite wine or cocktail! Countless athletes such as Jessica Ennis, Andy Murray and Mo Farrah have helped to aid their recovery from strenuous activity by submerging themselves in ice baths! The theory behind cold water immersion involves the process reducing swelling and flushing out waste […]

There’s No Age Limit to Exercise!

There’s no age limit to exercise! Just because you may have retired and you may now even qualify for a free bus pass, that doesn’t mean you no longer have the ability to exercise! You shouldn’t stop exercising because you feel you’re too old now –  it’s no longer a valid excuse to me… I’m […]

Recipe: Quick Lunches

Isn’t it annoying when you get up a little bit too late in the morning and end up having to throw a microwave meal, crisps and a couple of chocolate bars in your bag for your lunch? I know how you feel! Well, stress no more… There are loads of tasty recipes that 1. Don’t […]

Exercise During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an amazing time for any women but it does mean there are going to be some big changes to your body and your exercise routine. Most exercises are not dangerous for your baby. There is actually evidence that women who are physically active experience fewer problems in later pregnancy and during labour! Obviously, […]

Our 5 Favorite Exercises to Get Your Summer Body Ready!

Gone are the days were a summer body means you need to be extra skinny. We like curves, we like muscle, we like tone and we know the 5 best exercises to get you there! Exercise doesn’t have to be hard, long and just overall off-putting. It can be fun and short but still as […]

Sleep Yourself Stronger

The health and fitness industry are continually advertising the latest supplement, diet ideas and training methods to help people build muscle and get stronger quickly. All of which are great at helping build muscle but none if any training routine or programme considers the importance of sleep.   Sleep affects how we feel, look and […]

Disadvantages of Too Little Calorie Intake: Harmful Effects on the Body

Many people find it hard to believe that under eating can often cause as many health problems as over-eating! Eating too little can cause negative effects on training performance, exercise goals and also long-term health and well being. What are calories and why are they important for exercise? Calories are a measure of energy and […]

Recipe – A Healthy Snack

I’m going to let you in on a little secret… My favourite healthy snack recipe! No only is it packed with lots of vitamins, minerals and nutrients it is also super tasty! I don’t claim to be the next Jamie Oliver but I have found throwing all this in a bowl is an amazing snack […]

How do Muscles Contract?

Everyday your muscles contract again and again when completing daily activities. A simple sit to stand activity requires multiple muscle contraction from a variety of different muscle groups! Our muscles have the ability to contract in a number of ways such as: Isometric contraction (The muscle is working but staying the same length). Isotonic contraction […]

Half Hour a Day Keeps the Fatigue Away

So, some people feel that if they only do short exercise 30min-1hr sessions, the time it takes to see a result is going to be longer. People can easily spend up to 2 hours in the gym trying to achieve their fitness goals. So how is a short session, for example, a Personal training session […]

Can We Really Be Double-Jointed?

At some point or another, we have all met or heard of someone who can bend their thumbs or other limbs into bizarre shapes. Quite often such individuals are described as being “double jointed” but is this a real pathology?The answer is no! But there is a pathology that may explain extremely flexible individuals which […]

You Can’t Buy Happiness but You Can Buy a Massage!

Everybody desires happiness. Happiness can be defined as a state of well-being involving positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. Unfortunately, sometimes your state of happiness is hindered and challenged. This can be due to many reasons and is individual to each person. When you encounter a stressful situation your body has […]

Why Do I Feel So Sore After a Workout?

Everyone knows that after you’ve had a good, intense workout you’re going to feel sore the next day. But what is it that actually causes the soreness? Well, the soreness you feel actually has a name. It is called delayed onset muscles soreness, or DOMS for short. DOMS occur anywhere from 6 to 48 hours […]

You Can’t Outrun a Bad Diet!

Over the past 30 years, the presence of obesity has rocketed within the UK. The reason for this is directly related to the type and amount of calories we consume. You can go to a marathon and see individuals who are able to run 26.2 miles but are still overweight. This is because many people […]

Back to the Gym January

Hopefully, we all had a very festive Christmas filled with mince pies, gluhwein and a BIG turkey roast dinner!Now the Christmas festivities are over it’s “back to the gym” month. The January gym rush can turn the quietest gyms into a jungle which can be very off-putting when you prefer to workout at your own […]

Exercise Makes You Happy

There are many people suffering from various mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and stress. This is not something they can control. This is not something they have willingly chosen to have. This is not their fault. It can be hard nowadays to find ways of improving your mental state and making you feel […]

Protein: Men Only?

So when you go to the gym, you often see a load of men adding protein into their drinks before/after a workout. You rarely see women doing the same thing. I think a big misconception about protein is that it is going to make you big and bulky so maybe this is why a lot […]

Hydration is Key

Staying hydrated it so important, especially when you are exercising regularly. Water is essential for every single one of your bodily functions. Without it, your body won’t be able to perform at its highest level. So what is your water actually used for? Well, considering your body is made up of about 55% water in […]

Feeling Good After a Workout

We all want to feel fit and fabulous! One way to do that is to take part in regular physical activity! Taking part in regular physical activity can be beneficial both socially, psychologically and physiologically. However,  sometimes strenuous activity can lead to delayed onset of muscle soreness also known as DOMS. DOMS is a natural […]

Foam Roller vs. Sports Massage

There are multiple methods for reducing muscular tension, the most popular being foam roller and sports massage treatments. But which one is better? The foam roller is a piece of equipment in the shape of a log and is used to perform self-massage and myofascial release using one’s own body weight. Often criticised for being […]

Exercise and Immunity

What would you do if I told you I knew how to reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes and colon cancer by up to 50%. What would you say if I could reduce your risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, breast cancer and osteoarthritis? The answer to unlocking all the above health benefits is […]

Rise and Shine – Morning Smoothie Recipe

Start off the day with a bang with our teams favourite smoothie! Ingredients: 2 cups of Spinach 1 teaspoon of Spirulina 400 ml Coconut water 1x Banana ½ Apple 1x Kiwi ½ Mango Method: Cut the fruit up into medium pieces and deseed the apple. Place all ingredients into a food processor until you gain […]

Myth Buster: Eat less and Exercise More?

Calories: More or less with exercise? The amount of calories we consume seems to be a very popular thing to think about nowadays. But what is the correct amount of calories you should consume if you are exercising? Well, it obviously depends on your goal whether this is to increase muscle, lose weight or just […]

Overtraining vs, Under Recovery

Is there really such thing as ‘Overtraining’? Many people aim when they return to fitness training is to go as often as they can to get fitter quicker. However, training too often can actually have the adverse effect and make you feel worse! Yes, you may see top athletes training daily but this doesn’t mean you […]


Catcalling is not a compliment Many women may find they are apprehensive towards joining a gym, for a reason which remains very present, yet embarrassing to admit. No woman particularly enjoys being catcalled – especially when there is an obvious lack of sincerity and it’s all out of bravado. Comments can become personal and leave […]

5 Reasons to Participate in Group Fitness Classes

What is a group fitness class? A fitness class is an exercise session led by one trainer. They are fun and more involved than a lonesome gym workout, and here at Fierce Fit we want you to leave each workout feeling proud of yourself and aching to a satisfactory level. We offer classes such as […]

6 Easy Ways to Make Time for Fitness

How to stay fit and exercise with your office job lifestyle? We all know the struggles of working that 9-5 job, 5 days a week and living for the weekend. Sometimes it’s hard to find time for yourself or fit in anything other than your emails. Working a fitness plan into your daily routine means […]

An Avocado a Day…

We have all heard the old saying ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’, right? Well I believe the new saying should be ‘an avocado a day keeps the doctor away’! Now, I appreciate that an avocado a day might be too much of an ask for some, however I am a firm believer […]

Let’s Get Physical…. and Psychological

Everyone knows that exercise is good for you, it’s a given! However, when promoting exercise people tend to focus on the physical benefits. This means, the motivation to exercise tends to focus on how exercise can help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted, help you towards fitting in to those jeans you’ve long grown […]

Goal Setting: Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day!

We all know that classic saying ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, so if it took nearly 3000 years to build one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it’s okay totake your time achieving your goals. Changes don’t take place over night, changes take time, effort…and most importantly goal setting. Setting exercise, fitness and […]

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