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By: Louise Rigby


Over the last couple of years the phrase HIIT has become very popular with the likes of The Body Coach really taking the fitness world by storm with his LeanIn15 workouts. So what does it all mean?


Well what is HIIT?

HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. There is much controversy around HIIT training, as there is with all types of training. As with all types of physical activity the effectiveness is dependent on your goals.

The reasoning why it became so popular was because of the ease and effectiveness of it. HIIT training is perfect for those client’s who lead a very busy lifestyle and have often have the reason (excuse) of “I don’t have time to workout”. You can get a great workout in just 30 minutes!

How can we help?

Our Fierce Fit Intensity class works on this HIIT style of exercising. We have a weekly workout that really improves your fitness status by performing high intensity exercises in back to back circuits.

The question is: can you invest 60 minutes of your time a week to improving your health and fitness and work with us to smash your goals?

If that was a no, then sorry we cannot help … we need at least an hour of commitment, a 1/168 of your week or you putting an episode of Corrie on record.

If the answer was YES, welcome to our movement! You are a step closer to getting that fierce mindset and body you desire.


So what is Fierce Fit Intensity?

Fierce Fit Intensity is not your usual fitness class. You can’t get away with a gentle run on the treadmill while swishing your hair around here!

The nature of Fierce Fit Intensity is a class designed around high intensity exercises that aim to get your heart rate up and you hot and sweaty.

Fierce Fit Intensity is ideal for women wanting improve their body composition as the intensity of this class promotes fat loss. It uses a combination of body weight and free weight exercises to build your endurance, strength and improve your agility. The high intensity exercises are performed using full body movements such as walking lunges and goblet squats. All of the exercises aim to teach you how to move!

You’ve guessed it… it’s burpee o’clock!
What are the benefits?
  • Challenge yourself

A circuit style full body workout really pushes you out of your comfort zone. With back to back exercises it really increases your heart rate and working together we can push you to achieve your goals with new challenges and exercises

  • Increased strength

Our Fierce Fit Intensity class is a mixture of exercises using body weight and additional free weight equipment. Building strength using your own body weight and equipment such as dumbbells really promotes muscle growth

  • Increased endurance

High intensity exercises really do aid overall improvements in your health. Your body has to adapt to the intensity and new exercises resulting in you improving your fitness (although you may not feel that fit at the time!)

  • Improved body composition

With an improved diet and attending high intensity training, you can improve your body composition through enhancing your fat loss and promoting and increasing muscle mass

  • Enhanced fat loss

So the good news and reason for the buzz around HIIT workouts is that the higher intensity workout increases how many calories you burn during and after exercise. Research has shown that calories can continue burning up to 24 hours after your workout!

  • Increased metabolism

The biggest advantage of HIIT style workouts is that it increases your metabolism, making your body to work in a more efficient and effective way. This is what allows you to burn those calories even after you have finished your workout.


So if you’re ready to dedicate 1/168th of your week to some HIIT training, join us for our Fierce Fit Intensity class every Monday 8pm-9pm! 

Louise Rigby

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