Personal Training: Everything a Mum to Be Needs to Know

By: Zoe Killian

It is an exciting time in your life finding out you are pregnant! You are going to have a little one growing inside of you so you are likely to experience a few changes. We are asked the questions ‘is it safe to exercise if I’m pregnant?’ or ‘how much is too much exercise?’ very frequently so I am here to answer your questions!

I heard you are meant to rest and stay relaxed during pregnancy…

This is something that is stated quite frequently nowadays (and this scares many people off), however there is evidence to prove that women that stay fit, active and moving during their pregnancy have fewer complications in the later stages of pregnancy. It also helps following birth to get back into shape too. We are not saying we want you to run 10k every other day (that would be difficult even if you were not pregnant!) but 30 minutes of exercise 4 times a week is a sufficient amount to meet your needs.


How much exercise is safe?
What you want to do is avoid exhausting yourself. If you are already a very active person, this can be easily done, as you want to keep up your normal routine. However as you get further into your pregnancy, it is important you tone down the intensity of your exercise and (maybe) change up the exercises you are performing.
As I mentioned before, a safe amount of exercise is about 30mins 4 times a week. If you feel up to it, you can also include a nice walk on a couple of the other days just to keep yourself moving. You may find you will need to slow down as you progress further into your pregnancy (this may be advice from your maternity team) however if you are ever in doubt, ask your maternity team!


As you get into the later stages of preg

Zoe Killian

Zoe Killian

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