Feeling Good After a Workout

By: Louise Rigby

We all want to feel fit and fabulous! One way to do that is to take part in regular physical activity!

Taking part in regular physical activity can be beneficial both socially, psychologically and physiologically. However,  sometimes strenuous activity can lead to delayed onset of muscle soreness also known as DOMS.

DOMS is a natural process involving the growth and development of muscular fibres. Unfortunately, DOMS can sometimes be painful and result in muscular tightness and weakness in the first 24 to 48 hours post-exercise.

The intensity and severity of DOMS can be moderated with the correct post-exercise procedures. So, to feel fit and fabulous after a workout you should follow these three simple steps;

Cool down


Cool downs are performed at the end of your exercise session.The aim of a cool down is to slowly reduce your heart and breathing rate and normalise your blood circulation. A cool down also gives your muscles time to gradually relax. During any Fierce Fit classes or one to one sessions the instructor will conclude the session with a cool down.

Post-event massage


Post-event massage is enjoyed by many elite athletes such as Usain Bolt and Jessica Ennis and also amateur athletes like myself! The purpose of post-event massage is to increase blood circulation to your muscles in order to promote healing and the removal of waste products. Our massage therapists are always here to help at Fierce Fit and you can have your post-event massage at any time.



Following exercise it is important to stretch! Stretching following exercise promotes the realignment of collagen fibres. If stretching does not occur collagen fibre orientation can be hazardous and unorganised meaning increased pain and reduced tissue flexibility.

In conclusion, there are three simple procedures to undertake to decrease the intensity and severity of DOMS following physical activity. To reduce the intensity of DOMS you must undertake an appropriate cool down, post-event massage and stretching!

Louise Rigby

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