Goal Setting: Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day!

By: Louise Rigby

We all know that classic saying ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, so if it took nearly 3000 years to build one of the most beautiful cities
in the world, it’s okay to
take your time achieving your goals.

Changes don’t take place over night, changes take time, effort…and most importantly goal setting.

Setting exercise, fitness and health goals is a great way to keep on top of your progress and adapt to the changes you are making.

That sense of achievement when you complete a goal is one of the greatest feelings around, even if it was just to carry out one extra rep or run 10 extra steps. Goals allow us to appreciate how far we have come and the challenge it took to get there.

Within the world of Sport Psychology there’s a great acronym for planning your goals and making sure you go out and achieve them. You have to make sure your goals are ‘SMART’.

This means that your goals should be:


Your goal/s should be specific to what you are trying to achieve, when planning your goals think about WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY, WHEN AND HOW?

WHO is going to be involved in helping you attain your goal, obviously YOU ARE. But who else, a personal trainer?, a friend who you go running with?, support from your family?

WHAT is your end goal and what do you want to achieve?

WHERE will this all take place?

WHY are you doing this? Be honest with yourself and try not to overwhelm yourself as it could result in failure.

WHEN are you going to make the time for this to happen? Work around your schedule and try to fit in specific exercise days or a time of the day that you dedicate to achieving your goal/s.

HOW are going to make this happen? Take small steps and gradually build on your progress.


You should be able to measure your goal as a way of monitoring your progress. If you can’t measure your goal, how do you know whether you are getting nearer to achieving it?

EXAMPLE: wanting to lose a certain amount of weight in a certain amount of days? Put a date in your diary that you will weigh yourself to measure if you’ve met the target weight loss.


Avoid being over ambitious. Your goals are there to be achieved, so if you honestly feel that it can’t be completed, rethink and break it down into more attainable, realistic goals.


The goals you set need to be relevant to you and fit around your lifestyle. They should also be important to you as this will give you the motivation to go out and smash them!

The ‘R’ in the acronym is sometimes replaced with revise/reflect or realistic, which are all important aspects of goal setting too.

By looking back and REFLECTING on your progress you’ll be able to rethink your goal and adjust it accordingly to ensure it is achieved.

Again, it should be REALISTIC and not be too far out of your reach!


Your goal needs to have a completion date to work towards.

If your goal is to run 5K, set a deadline date that you wish to do this by, or sign up to an event that you can work towards.

Although goals can be a scary thing to begin with, they’re not there to scare you. Goals should be used to motivate you and push you towards achieving them.

By achieving your goals you’ll gain a sense of happiness that is like no other and it will give you the confidence to set new ones and go out
and smash those too!

Although somethings may seem unachievable, nothing is impossible and by creating short term goals that can develop over time and making them SMART, YOU can achieve anything you want, and Fierce Fit will be here to help you along the way!


Louise Rigby

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