A Massage? Oh Go on Then…

By: Louise Rigby

Personal training is a great way to achieve your fitness goals. With the help of a fully qualified trainer there is no excuse to kick the year and yourself into shape with new routines and healthy eating habits. With all that new found energy, you’ll no doubt want to push yourself to the max to achieve results and, instead of going easy on the exercise front, why not try integrating a course of massage therapy into your personal training routine to eliminate any unwanted injury and keep yourself at your peak?

Here at Fierce Fit we make the choice as easy as possible and accommodate massage into the fitness programs. Our programs allow you to substitute one session from your personal training plan to incorporate a session of massage therapy. Why you ask? Massage has a huge range of benefits that include it not as luxury but a necessity to any fitness regime.

The Benefits

Intense exercise can cause increased strain on the muscles. Over time this can get worse and worse until, in some cases, the need for surgery occurs. Incorporating massage into your routine can overcome this pain and potentially decrease the probability of the problem becoming worse and therefore having long term benefits.


Improvements In Technique and Injury Prevention

Your body will need to become adapted to a new fitness programme, which may take longer for some people than others. Extensive research shows that regular massage therapy has multiple benefits including range of motion being improved, recovery time being significantly reduced and an increase in muscle tone and flexibility. This may have a bigger impact on any fitness programme as it means there is a chance to integrate new and harder techniques for greater gain.

Having massage integrated within the fitness programme means you can train as well as help with the recovery of any injuries that may occur within the sessions. It may help towards preventing any further injuries in the future, as muscles and joints become more adapted to the new lifestyle.

A little of the sciency stuff now…massage has an influence on nerve impulses that are passed between the muscles. The better these connections are, the less likely injury is to occur. Just another bonus!


Healthy body, healthy mind!

Now, you’ve signed up to your new fitness routine for that healthy body, massage can help with that healthy mind! It not only promotes the prevention of injury but also reduces stress both on the muscles and in your daily lives. What more could you possibly ask for?

More information about the integration of massage therapy with your fitness plan can be found on our website at www.iamfierce.co.uk. Alternatively you can email us at thegirls@iamfierce.co.uk or find us on social media. Why wait until tomorrow to unleash that inner fierce?

Louise Rigby

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