Recipe: Quick Lunches

By: Steffie Handley

Isn’t it annoying when you get up a little bit too late in the morning and end up having to throw a microwave meal, crisps and a couple of chocolate bars in your bag for your lunch? I know how you feel! Well, stress no more… There are loads of tasty recipes that 1. Don’t take too long to prepare or make 2. Are healthy and nutritious and 3. Can be prepared the day before and if you make enough, can last you a good couple of days!

It’s obviously going to be a load of lettuce and other boring salad…

Wrong! Yes, it is important to include bits of salad in SOME of your meals, but how boring would it be to have a simple salad Every. Single. Day. VERY! The meals I am going to tell you about in Uno Momento, are actually very simple yet very tasty and are just a nice way to mix your lunches up a bit.

If it’s simple and quick, surely it can’t be that healthy?

Again, Wrong! Simple, quick lunches don’t always have to be microwave meals or the simple salads we spoke about earlier. It is important to include a mixture of nutrients into each meal to make sure you’re meeting your dietary needs. This is also why it’s important to mix your meals up. If you’re having a bowl of salad every day, it may seem healthy but your only getting nutrients from those types of foods. You need to add a bit of substance to your food to vary the nutrients and food groups you consume.

So what lunches can I make?

It’s actually really really easy to find loads of different, quick recipes, however, I thought I would share with you my favourite ones!

  • Salmon pasta salad

Salmon Pasta saladSalmon pasta salad is not only very tasty, but it is packed full of fibre, protein and carbs whilst also including bits of your healthy salad within the meal.

Granted, not everyone is a massive fan of salmon or just fish in general, but you can always put your own twist on it.

To make this your will need:

  • 85grams pasta (if you want to get a few days worth, add a bit more!)- remember, having fresh pasta will reduce your cooking time.
  • 2 skinless + boneless salmon fillets (or the fish of your choice)
  • 1 whole red/yellow pepper
  • A handful of rocket or lettuce- whatever you prefer.
  • You can also add a splash of lemon, garlic and olive oil if you want a bit of extra flavour – season to your taste!

So all in all, it takes between 15-30mins to make this meal depending on how you cook your fish and whether you use fresh or dried pasta. You can also switch it up a bit by using prawns or tuna instead of salmon.

  • Spicy chicken and avocado wraps

Chicken and avocado wraps

With avocado being the ‘in thing’ at the moment, I couldn’t resist including this in one of the recipes! Again, it’s full of flavour, it’s different, it isn’t boring and it’s very nutritional!

If you haven’t tried avocado yet, then this is definitely a way to introduce yourself!

To make this delightful recipe, you are going to need:

  • 150 grams chicken- preferably cooked chicken as this will reduce cooking time. If you are preparing your meal the night before then frozen/uncooked chicken will be fine (and also cheaper!).
  • 1 avocado- this will need to be cut in half and stoned
  • 2 wraps- again, you decide whether you want seeded, wholemeal, plain etc.
  • 1 whole red pepper- roasted or raw, whichever you prefer
  • ½ tsp chilli powder- if you don’t like spicy food, you can leave this bit out
  • Garlic and coriander to your taste

All you need to do is cook your chicken if you bought it raw, fry it with your garlic, coriander and chilli powder, fry or roast your pepper if you like cooking it this way then throw it on each wrap with your scooped out avocado.

If you’re using cooked chicken, this recipe will take no longer than 12 minutes to make- how fabulous!

  • Fruity, crunchy bran pots

15202So I thought I would mix it up a bit and add a sweet to the list. This recipe is light yet super filling. You can have it for breakfast or for a little snack when you get a bit peckish.

Not only is it full of your natural sugars and fibre, it can be counted as 1 of your 5-a-day!

So, if you want to try this ridiculously quick yet very tasteful snack, you will need:

  • 200 grams of fruit of your choice – I like to use fruits like melon, grape, strawberry etc.
  • 150 grams of fat-free greek yoghurt – Not everyone is a fan of greek yoghurt so any flavour of fat-free yoghurt will be fine to use. It’s also a great way to switch it up a bit.
  • Fruit and fibre cereal- you can use your own mixture of fruit and nuts if you prefer however it’s a lot quicker and simpler to use a pre-mixed packet!
  • 1tbsp of honey- again, this is completely up to you and how you like your flavours.

Add fruit to the bottom of the bowl and top with a layer of yoghurt then a layer of fruit and fibre and voila, a tasty yet healthy and quick snack made in less than 5 mins!

So there you have it, 3 of my favourite quick yet healthy recipes for you all to try.


Steffie Handley

Steffie Handley

I graduated from University of central Lancashire with a social worker based degree, (Care, Community and Citizenship). I knew I wanted to help people but was unsure of which path to take, I found myself lost, I finished university and still not a clue what to do. During my time at university I no longer found time for physical activity, my love for food grew and my weight slowly crept up. I knew something had to change as I felt friends were moving on around me and I was stationary. This was the kickstart I needed to go on my fitness journey which has seen me shed over eight stone in weight, complete my first marathon in Geneva raising money for UNICEF, qualify as an Advanced Personal Trainer and Nutritional Advisor.

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