The Top 4 Reasons a Personal Trainer is Worth Every Penny

By: Louise Rigby

Why would hiring a personal trainer be the best decision you’ve ever made?

Well, because a personal trainer is a metaphorical superhero who swoops in and saves you from your sins.

Perhaps that is a slight over exaggeration – but haven’t you ever wondered what you could look and feel like as the best version of yourself? Those of you who are already fitness fanatics but still lack a personal trainer – why?!

Here are four reasons why you should consider finding yourself a personal trainer:

  1. Have your workout tailored to your specific requirements, preferences, target areas etc.

We all have parts of our bodies which trigger insecurities, such as stubborn stomach padding that causes you to avoid sleek dresses like the plague, or thighs which never seem to lose cellulite dimples despite how much uphill walking you attempt. It is near enough impossible to lose weight and gain tone only on certain body parts (of course it is), but with a regime designed for you and your desires, your problem areas will be of high importance.

  1. You’re training for a particular sport event, such as a marathon.

Intense sporting activities will always require proper training otherwise they could potentially become dangerous. So, let’s say you have a 20K run in several months time. Why waste that time running on a treadmill by yourself, using music as motivation to complete your boring training? Why not have an actual motivator stood by your side, who also puts together a diet plan and adds interesting workouts to your schedule? This is the kind of situation which may cause you to dread seeing your personal trainer, as you fear what gruelling tasks they have prepared for you, but once you’ve completed that 20K run and felt your body and mentality change for the better, you’ll see.

  1. You can work out in the comfort of your own home.

Many personal trainers now offer in-home workouts, which allows you to exercise next to your pets and television if that is what you wish. They bring all the necessary equipment and their motivational attitude, and before you know it you’ve fulfilled your workout in your living room.

This is actually a really useful point if you, like me, have a slight fear of the gym and all the intimidating deadlift addicts within.

  1. You can trust your trainer. Literally with your life.

A very large part of what your PT will do for you is mental. They motivate, encourage, criticise and understand. As long as you find a trainer who is right for you and possess the correct qualifications, the relationship you form will be unlike any other. Personal trainers are not miracle workers, but I believe they could be called magicians (your body literally changes before your eyes, much like a shape shifter, and who wouldn’t want to be a shape shifter?)

If you want a dramatic change in lifestyle and are seeking total improvement physically and mentally, and you want to feel hella fancy at the same time, it’s time to find a personal trainer.

At Fierce Fit we offer personal training services and group sessions to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. To find out more about our services visit or email us at Be sure to check us out on social media for all our handy hints and tips!

Louise Rigby

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