Kat Heyes | Trainer Spotlight

By: Louise Rigby

So a bit about me! Kat Heyes, qualified Personal Trainer, Sports Therapist and fitness enthusiastwoman smiling

I have always been heavily involved in a variety of sports participating from a young age in activities including swimming, trampolining and hockey. So when it came to choosing my career I knew exactly what path I wanted to go down and that I was no ‘sitting in an office all day’ kind of girl (however, I am currently sat in an office writing this?!). My love for sport and my natural empathy to want to help people has been the drive behind my sports and fitness career.

I graduated in 2013 with a Sports Therapy degree and have been learning about the sports and fitness world ever since. My personal passion for fitness led me down the Personal Training route where I can combine my knowledge of how the body functionally works with how to improve it through exercise. Fierce Fit’s ethos and key messages are to improve confidence and empower women. I believe in being healthy and there is much more to be said and done than just going to the gym and eating all your greens to achieve that ‘summer body’.

I am no cat-walk model! I am happy and healthy within my own skin and want to share this confidence with my clients. The quote “happiness comes in all shapes and sizes” is an all-time favourite of mine and I can’t wait to share my experiences and be a part of other womens journey to success.

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Louise Rigby

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