6 Easy Ways to Make Time for Fitness

By: Louise Rigby

How to stay fit and exercise with your office job lifestyle?

We all know the struggles of working that 9-5 job, 5 days a week and living for the weekend. Sometimes it’s hard to find time for yourself or fit in anything other than your emails. Working a fitness plan into your daily routine means you can stay healthy while you work to combat that lazy and unmotivated feeling. If you’re struggling around your routine, don’t worry! We have some top tips to fit exercise around your day job.

dsc_04361: A commute or a workout?

Most of us have a commute to work, it might be 5 minutes or 45 minutes, either way, it adds time onto your working day. Some see this as a disadvantage since it’s another hour where you can’t fit something else in. Wrong. That hour before or after work is a goldmine filled with ways to add exercise into your day. Why not get off the tram a stop early and walk? Or cut your bus journey out and cycle instead? Turn what is seen as a hassle into an opportunity to make you feel good. It’s sure to be a good way of getting you motivated for the rest of the day.

2: Social life’s a no go zone

Wrong again. We all love going out and meeting friends for a drink or a bite to eat but why not use that as an excuse to combine the socialising with the exercising? We suggest Fierce Fit classes! Here you will still get that much needed girly time with the feel good after effects of exercise.



img_96513: TV and exercise, surely not?

So you’ve just got home from work, you’ve made the tea and it’s time to relax and catch up on the soaps you’ve missed. Instead of sitting on the sofa and contemplating the ab workout you could have done, why not do it while the big fight is happening on Eastenders! All it takes is a little space between you and the TV and there you have a haven for some sit ups or some complex yoga poses. Half an hour later and you’ve completed a workout and got a mind full of gossip for the office the next day.

4: Use your lunch break

Yes, we all love that hour half way through the day where we can take a break but honestly, do you have enough to fill that hour? The likelihood is that you have spare time left over after you’ve eaten where you could fit something productive in. Exercise doesn’t have to be a 2-hour stint in the gym, a half hour power workout can be just as effective and you can still fit in your lunch. Bonus! Go outside and do some stretches or lunges on that bench in the park!


5: Make your schedule and no cheating!

Find time in your diary where you have a spare hour and block it off for exercise time. If it’s written down you’re more likely to stick to it and not be tempted to ditch the gym. If you get into the habit of fitting in a little bit here and there it becomes much easier to fit it around your day to day tasks without missing out.


6: Bring the whole team

Family life can be stressful and is a full-time job in itself. The weekends feel like your only free time to enjoy each others company without having to do chores or do any paperwork. Take this opportunity to fit in your little workout by going on a family bike ride or trip to the park. Or if you want to spice it up a bit – come to our Fierce Squad class where you can exercise with your best friend, sister or mum and motivate each other! A fun and easy way to get everything you want to get done in one go.

img_9721These few little tips will ensure you make the most of your day without feeling the pressures of time constraints. Here at Fierce Fit we offer fitness classes scheduled around your working day to make it easy for you to join in. If that’s still too much, why not book a one-to-one personal training session where you choose the best time for you?

To find out more about either option visit the website at www.iamfierce.co.uk or send us an email to thegirls@iamfierce.co.uk. Be sure to check out our hints and tips via social media and we’ll get you feeling fierce in no time!


Louise Rigby

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