We All Have to Start Somewhere

By: Louise Rigby

“I am never going to be able to lift that”

“I can’t run like her”

“They are so much better than me”

The above are quotes I hear all too often! Everybody has different athletic capabilities, muscle mass and body weight but that doesn’t mean you train any harder or less than one another.

Everybody has their own training targets to meet which they have to work hard for! So whether you are trying to lose for first few pounds or are trying to improve your chest press to lifting 15kg hard work, motivation and a bit of sweating is required to meet your goals!

personal training at fierce fit

When I signed up to my first half marathon I had never ran further than 100m in my life. A planned training schedule that gradually increased my miles helped me to achieve the 13 mile distance within around 4 months. While others in my close circle of friends were able to knock out a 13 mile run months before I achieved the distance I stayed focused on my goals and my training. Before I knew it I was able to complete 13 miles and achieved my training goals.

So never be put off by what other people are doing. You never know they may have been in your position 6 months ago so you should use those people as inspiration not as confidence knockers.


If you still feel uncomfortable about exercising with a group of people our one to one Fierce Fit training sessions may suit your needs until you feel confident enough to take part in group exercise. If you think you may be interested call a member of our team!

Louise Rigby

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