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  • Fun and challenging workouts.
  • Goals driven exercise programmes.
  • Combination of exercise techniques.
  • Sports specific exercise programmes.
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Fierce Sport

Training for a sporting event or would like a training programme to improve your performance in sport? If yes, then sports specific goal setting could be beneficial to you.

The Fierce Fit trainers have extensive experience working with athletes from a range of different sports. Our Trainers are passionate about making sport specific and exciting exercise programmes to ensure you train efficiently and successfully.

  • Im training for a sporting event, when should I start training?

    Depending on your sports specific training goal and how much improvements in strength, endurance and skill you require will depend on when you should start your pre-event training programme. Our trainers are experienced in preparing individuals for sporting events using exercise, sports psychology and dietary advice.

  • Do I need to bring my sporting equipment with me?

    Fierce Fit have a range of equipment available from a stationary bike to pull up bars and weights. Our trainers can adapt and alter many physical exercises to make it more sports specific. However if you would prefer to bring in some sporting equipment our trainers can plan a exercise programme with your equipment included.

  • What kind of sports specific exercises can you do?

    Our Fierce Fit trainers have vast experience providing sports specific training programmes for a range of sports including, boxing, hockey, rugby, lacrosse, swimming and tennis. Our trainers are trained in human biomechanics and kinetic movements so are able to observe and understand the physical demands of any sporting activity and devise a exercise programme to meet those needs. Sports specific exercises can include strength, endurance, flexibility and plyometric training.

  • Do you provide nutritional advice?

    Yes, our Fierce Fit trainers are passionate about healthy eating and are happy to share exciting and healthy recipes for snacks and meals. Our trainers understand the need for a guided diet plan while training for events and know how to ensure you peak as a athlete at the opportune moment for the competition or event.

  • How can you make sure I am ready for race day?

    The Fierce Fit trainers not only use physical activity but also sports psychology, diet plans and planned recovery periods to ensure you are ready for race day. In addition to this our Fierce Fit team can offer sports massage to help promote recovery and prep your muscles for your sporting event.

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