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Kate Hindley

Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor

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I enjoy working at Fierce Fit because it’s a relaxed and friendly atmosphere for us to really focus on achieving the goals of our clients.

Meet Kate

As our lead Pilates instructor and physiotherapist, Kate joined Fierce Fit with a physiotherapy degree, 5 years of experience as a specialised musculoskeletal physiotherapist and APPI Matwork certifications at level 1,2 and 3 under her belt. Phew – pretty impressive!

She started her Pilates training in 2012 to aid clinical rehabilitation with her patients. Little did she know she’d soon be hooked on the Pilates method after seeing the results with both her patients (and herself!)

When she isn’t treating in the clinics or teaching Pilates, Kate is probably doing Pilates at home! Or seeing family and friends.

What would you say to a female client who is not sure why she should join Fierce Fit?

Why should you join Fierce Fit? The instructors and therapists have excellent knowledge and work as a team to build your fitness and prevent injury along the way - you really can’t go wrong.

Why is Personal Training different at Fierce Fit than anywhere else?

Fierce Fit is different because the female staff are friendly and approachable - its not intimidating like other personal training services. Fierce Fit also includes massage, Pilates and physiotherapy, as well as personal training, to really optimise your results.

What’s your fitness story? Do you do it for a hobby/just job? Any motivational story?

My biggest hobby and fitness fave is Pilates. When I started I was amazed at my class instructor’s strength and technique, and saw her as an inspiration to master the basics before progressing onto higher levels. Before I knew it I was up to advanced level. It took some time and perseverance but the variety of exercises, use of small equipment and brilliant teaching from my instructor made time fly! I realised that when you find an exercise that you love it becomes a fun hobby and not a chore, with various health benefits as a bonus!

How do you motivate someone to join personal training and work hard?

Best advice to get motivated and work hard - Keep focused on what you want to achieve and visualize your end goal.

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