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Why Fierce Fit

Here at Fierce Fit we are a motivated team of young, driven and enthusiastic female personal trainers. We take pride in what we do and we want to provide women all over Manchester with the best possible experience. We understand the needs of our clients and we work towards their goals and push them to the best of their ability.

We are a strong and fast growing company with loyal clients and the ability to succeed. If you love keeping fit and healthy and want to make an impact on women’s lives, then Fierce Fit is the place for you!


Fierce Fit trainers are confident and proud. At Fierce Fit we believe that all of our trainers should be confident, not only with their body, but with themselves. We want trainers who have the ability to listen, motivate and support others. As part of Fierce Fit you will be confident, you will be proud and we will help you succeed.


We are Fierce! There’s not much more to say.

We work together as strong women to create a supportive atmosphere, where we can work hard, redefine our goals and push our limits.


If you aren’t driven, you won’t succeed - it’s as simple as that. We believe all our trainers should be highly motivated and encourage others to achieve their fitness goals.


There’s nothing more fulfilling to a Fierce Fit trainer than exceeding their own fitness goals and smashing their personal bests...except for maybe helping others to do the same. We turn up to work every day excited to be doing what we love, so join us and see what it feels like to be as happy as a Fierce Fit trainer.


Meet the team

Our vision is to impact the lives of as many women as possible. We want all women to be confident, happy and embrace life. We are committed to discovering women’s inner fierce by improving their fitness and confidence through personal training.

Steffie JonesHead Personal Trainer

Katie EmmettMassage Therapist

Louise RigbyMassage Therapist

Kate HindleyPhysiotherapist and Pilates Instructor

Someone who embraces life

Fierce Fit trainers make the best out of what we have, even if what we have may be said as ‘not enough.’ We want every woman to embrace life and take negatives on the chin, push through and succeed through their own achievements and hard work.


We are a female-only personal training service and together we are one! We are the strongest, most confident and fiercest women you could ever wish to know and we are calling the best personal trainers from all over the world to come and join us and become a part of the Fierce movement.

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