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Aleksandra Kowierec

Personal trainer

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Hello, my name is Alex, and I want to help you build better version of yourself!

Sport always played big role in my life. As a child I have joined local gymnastic team to compete in trampolining. Afterwards I progressed into team sports - amateur football league and when that became too common I fell in love in volleyball where I have stayed for years until career ending injury. Rehabilitation process got me interested in theory and practical application of strength and conditioning training. My interest shifted from ‘’how much’’ towards ‘’how to’’ of exercises. I have looked into all sorts of programming and fundamentals, from powerlifting to pole dance. Gathering experiences and knowledge became my passion.

My goal as your Personal Trainer is to familiarize, and make you comfortable with all useful exercises. Some easy, some very tasking but rewarding. I believe that understanding the body mechanics will make you more confident and what is more important will help you keep correct form while exercising. I will always stress the importance of safety and correct movement patterns during workouts. My ultimate goal is to share my knowledge with you and give you correct tools to achieve your dreams. I am always happy to help, drop some cues or simply chat about some new fitness trends.

Q & A

...WITH Aleksandra

What would you say to a female client who is not sure why she should join fierce fit?

Myself as a woman I believe we should help motivate each other on this journey. Working as a team is always better than trying to achieve goals as individual. With right atmosphere and right people workout becomes fun and rewarding activity, and Fierce Fit is just the right place to find this.

Why is personal training different at fierce fit than anywhere else?

All personal trainers at Fierce Fit are professionals coming from different backgrounds and with different histories. We all know starting your fitness journey could be hard and intimidating, but we got whole repertuar of tips and tricks to make it as pleasant and enjoyable for you as its possible.

What’s your fitness story? Do you do it for a hobby/just job? Any motivational story?

My fitness history began when I was a child- inspired by my older brother I have decided to become a gymnast just like him. Asked my parents to sign me up to local gymnastic club and this is how it all started. After few years I have chosen to try team sports - amateur football league where I played on midfield for a while. However one day my friends invited me for friendly volleyball game and just like this I fell in love with volleyball. I have played on professional level for years until career ending injury. I did not give up after injury- during the rehabilitation process I started learning new things about human body. Since that time I knew that I want be Personal Trainer and help people to achieve them goals.

How do you motivate someone to join personal training and work hard?

You do not need to be great to start, but you have to be great to take the first step!

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