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Fierce Fit provides high quality private personal training sessions. Fierce Fit gives women the opportunity to receive support and guidance from experienced and friendly personal trainers in a private and intimate environment. All our trainers are passionate about exercise and nutrition and thrive to support each individual in reaching their fitness goal.

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Fierce Fit provides a variety of group classes including Fierce intensity, Fierce body, Fierce squad and Fierce HIIT. All our Fierce Fit group classes are within a female only, private and spacious environment which gives you the chance to meet like minded women!

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Massage therapy is extremely beneficial during a training programme to help reduce the risk of injury, promote recovery and maximise performance. The massage therapist’s at Fierce Fit are passionate about massage within sport and are experienced in providing high quality and specific massage treatments to benefit you.

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Fierce Fit provides in house physiotherapy assessment and treatments which are beneficial if you experience any injuries or pains during your training regime. Physiotherapy can provide you with the treatment and advice required to recover from injury and return to your exercise routine as soon as possible and pain free.

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Pilates is an exercise based form of treatment. Pilates focuses on your deep core muscles located around your stomach, pelvis and back. Pilates can work hand in hand with other exercise regimes as it prevents muscle imbalances and keeps the body in a correct posture.

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