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  • Do you need a healthy eating and nutrition plan?...

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Fierce Bride

Every woman wants to look healthy and radiant on their wedding day! Our trainers are here to help…

Our experienced trainers have successfully transformed many brides, whether that's a simple tone up or those wanting to drop dress sizes. Whatever your goals, we can individualise and cater a training programme around your wedding plans. We want to ensure you are the most confident version of yourself on your big day!

  • How long will it take for me to see changes ready for my wedding?

    This really depends on what you're trying to achieve.

    If you are just wanting to lose abit of weight, tone up and feel more confident we recommend you start training at least 3 months prior to the big day. We usually see brides 2-3 times a week alongside creating an individual nutrition plan. In 3 months you should start seeing the changes you desire. However, you can start working towards your big day at any time. If you call us with 4 weeks to go, don't worry… we will ensure we can get the most out of this time to make sure you’re feeling confident for when that big day arrives.

  • What types of exercise do I need to do?

    The type of training you will be doing will be completely tailored to you and your goals. If you are looking to drop dress sizes then we may include more cardiovascular type of training. If you are looking to build muscles we will include more strength and weight training. On the other hand, if you are looking to perform a extravagant first dance that requires good flexibility we can include some added stretching exercises.

  • I don't want big muscles, so how do I tone up?

    Our trainers are very experienced in guiding individuals through a training programme to achieve their goal weight and muscle size. Using a variety of repetitions, rest periods, exercise intensities are just some of the variables our trainers will use to enable you to achieve your optimal physique.

  • Will the bride programme give me ideas of healthy eating?

    Yes, our trainers provide nutritional advice including meal planning and scheduling. All of our trainers are passionate about healthy eating and regularly provide clients with new and exciting healthy snack and meal recipes.

  • Will Fierce bride help me to be more confident in my dress?

    Yes, Fierce Fit training focuses on building physical and mental strength. While our trainers are focused on guiding you to achieve your goals they also aim to increase your confidence, happiness and build your resilience to stress.

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