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  • Are you interested in improving your physical strength?
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  • Are you unsure of what exercise you need to do to build strength?
  • Are you working towards a fitness event and want to be stronger?...

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  • Experienced, motivational and Fierce personal trainers.
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Fierce Strength

Want to improve your physical strength and get toning? The trainers at Fierce Fit are ready and waiting for you.

Building strength and toning muscle is a significant fitness goal that can benefit you in a vast number of ways such as improved functional capacity and reduced risk of injury. Toning muscle is also a great way to boost self-esteem and confidence which is a great passion of our Fierce Fit trainers.

  • How long before I start to see an increase in muscle toning?

    The speed at which muscular toning becomes visible is different from person to person. However this usually takes around 6-8 weeks, so be patient and remember rome wasn't built in a day.

  • I want to get strong for an event, when should I start training?

    Our trainers have significant experience training clients for a specific sporting event. The length of a strength training programme for a sporting event varies from person to person depending on the type of sporting event and how much of improvement you wish to gain with regards to strength, power and flexibility.

  • Do i need lots of equipment for strength training and toning?

    No, strength training can be performed using no equipment at all! Our Fierce Fit trainers are focused on functional strength training which can improve physical strength and promote toning. Our trainers heavily focus on body weight exercises but have the equipment to progress clients using weights as required.

  • What type of exercises are included in strength training and toning?

    Strength training and toning involved working a muscle through a concentric and eccentric pattern against a form of resistance. Resistance training can be simply against gravity or against equipment such as therabands, kettlebells, dumbbells or olympic bars.

  • Can the strength and toning programme include nutritional advice to help me get the best results?

    Yes, the trainers at Fierce Fit have extensive knowledge on the correct food supplements and diet plans to promote increased strength, muscular toning and recovery following intense Fierce Fit sessions! Our trainers are passionate about healthy eating and have lots of exciting healthy snack ideas to share with you.

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